My Story

I am an Ocean City, New Jersey based artist and surfer. I have the most joyful six year old girl and am so grateful to be raising her by the sea…

I draw inspiration for my illustrations by watching women dance on water! From the sun, the moon, and the stars. From my countless wipeouts, dreams of noseriding, and the blissful feeling I get when sliding across the face of a wave - a quietness where there is typically a lot of noise. All of my work is drawn by hand, either traditionally with pen and paper or more recently, on my tablet.

Before I became a mother, I tried over and over again to create space in my life for making art, but I was so full of fear and self doubt, that I quieted the creative voice inside me. It wasn’t until my daughter was born that something inside me shifted. In all the in-between moments of caring for a newborn, I began drawing again as a way to care for myself. I started slowly, creating drawings while she slept, mostly images revolving around surfing and the sea, which I missed so much being out of the water recovering from child birth.

Much like my relationship with the ocean and surfing, drawing became a release, a meditation, and a return to myself.

Motherhood, surfing, and art making are a perfect storm for me. I feel spirit and strength in ways that I never have before. Looking back, I think the thing that shifted was a need to heal and love myself more so that I could be better and do better for my daughter. That need continues to fuel me, and it’s a beautiful, constant work in progress.